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Car Mechanic


Trust the efficient team at Les' Autos to carry out work on your vehicle.
Our highly skilled mechanics have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience, making them one of the most trusted vehicle repair services you will find near High Wycombe.


Why get your car serviced?

Safety - Having your car serviced regularly helps to identify minor issues and can prevent them from becoming major problems.

Save money - New oil and filters assist your engine in running smoother and in turn making it more fuel-efficient. Also not servicing your car increases your chance of breakdown, which can get very costly.


Maintaining vehicle value - Buyers are always expecting more for their money in the second-hand market. A car with a full-service history is in a much better place to be sold than a car that has no evidence of being serviced.

Keep your car running smoothly, and let us do:

  • Oil change

  • Engine servicing

  • Brake adjustments and lubrication

  • Brake & clutch repairs

  • Electrical wiring 

  • Fuel pump check 

Man holding car component
Vehicle Diagnostics on a car


There are few things worse than finishing work, getting into your car, and discovering it won't start. Here at Les' Autos, we take the stress out of having to call and get your car recovered. We come to you! We don't just diagnose the problem, we fix it. Most vehicle repairs can be completed on the spot.

Vehicle diagnostics in High Wycombe and beyond

  • Hands-on inspection

  • Computerised inspection

  • Engine diagnostics

  • Instrument panel check

  • Key programming

  • ECU and injector programming

  • Diesel filter regeneration and replacement

Man working on a van


The Les' Autos Difference

From minor to major jobs, we perform all kinds of mobile vehicle repairs and component replacements, mostly completed on the day. We also offer vehicle diagnostics services and servicing, ensuring you get the best out of your vehicle.

  • Bodywork repair

  • Brake and clutch replacement and repair

  • Exhaust repair

  • Tyre replacement, including major brand and budget tyres

  • Breakdown repair work

  • Brake replacements

  • Clutch replacements

  • Battery replacements

  • Timing belt replacements 

Man handing over keys


Don't leave things up to chance and arrange your pre-purchase inspection from Les' Autos. As qualified mechanical specialists, we understand the ins and outs of a vehicle and can help guide you through the process. If there's anything you're not fully confident about, don't take the risk and let Les' Autos put your mind at ease!

For top quality vehicle repairs in and around High Wycombe, call Les' Autos today on 07763 378816 and receive a full diagnostic report for calling us out!


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